The Best Part of Waking-Up to #Islam

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Visit Bastion of Liberty for today’s connection to a fabulous article on the Invasion (hijra) of the EU, by prolific author, Matt Bracken.

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#ISIS in America? LOL. You #racist #fearMongering #Islamophobe, you

Only problem is is that it’s true. But you know, I wish I could be so naive about Islam, too…

More than you probably want to know about “The ISIS Threat in America.”

Visit my YouTube channel for even more “fear mongering.”

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#2A: Bless the #Dead #White #CisMale #FoundingFathers: we STILL differ from the #disarmed #world


What a great name for a color: “Harvest Moon Orange!”

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Dear #gunsense: it’s called Rightful Liberty, your fear-of-guns be damned



I am tired of anti-Liberty types trotting out suicide stats, unsupervised toddlers – with idiot-parents – killing fellow toddlers, “other countries with no guns having no gun crime,” etc. Thomas Jefferson called the concept “rightful Liberty” and as in so many other things, he said it best, so forgive my meme-i-fication.

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Does this offend you, @Sears, #Muslims, and other #Sharia lovers? Hope so.


I am sick of boot-licking, Sharia-complying supposed “American” businesses (Sears capitulates to Islamic law). Update: Actually it appears to have been a “lone-wolf” Muslim who accomplished this feat of Sharia enforcement:

MuslimOnTwitterGetsInfidelHatRemovedI’m FINALLY prepared to open my WINGED-VICTORY shop on November 5th. Check here on on my Twitter page as the 5th approaches for details. This will be added to the other 4 designs I’ve already prepared. Thanks, Sears.

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All seriousness aside…


 18 oct 2015 was a beautiful day to be on the range at Dallas Pistol Club. Had fun at the match but also a first: a couple of ammo-jams in my Smith & Wesson (purple!) 22 rimfire rifle.

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Home, home on the range…


Three of the five stages I shot at my 1st USPSA match are up HERE on my YouTube channel. Let’s hope I learn from my mistakes!

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The #Hijra: #Muslims come to conquer; it’s in their blood to spill ours




Muslims love their taqiyya and it has gotten to the point in the U.S.A. at least it’s become political-theater. Did you watch the premiere of the “Ahmed-Mohammed Show” this week? Here’s my YouTube video on the sublime propaganda of that.

Make no mistake about this “refugee crisis:” it’s the Trojan horse in plain sight that Islam has been promising since 600-and-something A.D. Check out this fine educational channel on YouTube, Dr. Bill Warner’s “Political Islam.” Islam is an ideology NOT a “religion.” It’s arabic for Submit (-or-Die). Is that the kind of congregation you’d like to see proliferate in your town?

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Been thinking about this #TRUZ2016 “ticket” for a while: @realDonaldTrump + @tedcruz


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Better together, Sept 9th, 2015: @realDonaldTrump and @tedcruz vs. #IranDeal


Here’s where I first read about this.

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