Never appease #Evil. They didn’t. #MemorialDay



I don’t ask this of myself often enough, “What am I doing to show that I deserve to live in a country so many have sacrificed so much for?”

How about you?

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#GamerGate game helps explain #ethics to #journalists


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#Benghazi blame-game: @YouTube = 0; Team @POTUS = 1 (@mmfa @nytimes etc.)

Thanks to a lawsuit by the truth comes out. Don’t hold your breath for the Obama Administration to get anything like Justice or its propaganda-arms to come clean.

Fox News video wherein I first heard about this development.

Hey, kids, can YOU spot the lying PO(TU)S?

Here’s a couple links to what progs had to say at the time: Media Matters;  the NYT story Media Matters referred to as backing up the YouTube video catalyst claim. Don’t hold your breath that any of these types will admit their errors. Rather, I predict it’ll be just one more day of whining about “Faux News.”

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#Single? #Pregnant? #Islam has the answer and it ain’t #Feminism


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In Memoriam: The fall of #Ramadi

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Why #vote for @HillaryClinton aka #Hillary2016

Honestly, this is the only legitimate qualification she possesses. Or does she?

Horiz Multi Frame

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Congratulations @nbcsnl for taking on #1A & #Islam

So pleased to see this.


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Part 2: How to strangle “free-speech”


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Part 2: What’s old is new again – #Infidels vs. #Islam – Now super-enriched w/ #mainstream #media #quislings


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What’s old is new again – #Infidels vs. #Islam – Now super-enriched w/ #mainstream #media #quislings


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