@JoeBiden calling…HT @wikileaks


Gotta love this one from Wikileaks.

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Erectile Dysfunction-dysfunction: stare here, and here, and here @amyschumer or @madonna

Have tried escaping “politics” the last few evenings so watch Jeopardy or sometimes a bit of Wheel of Fortune (much better at the former!). That has to be where I’ve seen those annoying erectile-dysfunction ads, cuz we just don’t watch TV, otherwise. Seeing the sad story about Madonna + Amy Schumer, today, got me to thinking that there’s a really simple “cure” for those unfortunate souls whose plans go awry after four HOURS of “fun”…


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If guns “cause” violence, then… @chicagotribune @NRA


Here’s the link to the shootings-map, above.

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#ILoveRedDots I gained even MORE respect for our military snipers by training at Front Sight. @Trijicon


8 shots to make 5 hits…thanks in part to my Trijicon MRO!

We just got back from back-to-back 4-day classes (Practical Rifle and Defensive Handgun) at Front Sight, in Nevada.

This distance is NOTHING for a sniper, so, my hat’s off to all y’all. (I had no idea how small a target could look until I stood peering at them from the 200 yard firing line.)

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#Debate2016 Preppers unite! Shake your shaker? @realDonaldTrump vs. #MSM + #GOP + @HillaryClinton


All times, EST.

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There’s only one “change” that’ll make #Blacktivists like @kaepernick7 happy (HINT: It isn’t a pair of @Nike shoes in every pot)


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First #clambake? Don’t let anybody microwave YOUR lobster! Visit @getmainelobster for the #Truth

It all started innocently enough, with a request to my husband for a birthday-dinner lobster. It turned ugly when the fine lobster folks I’d asked an innocent question of discovered a lobster had been…dun, dun, DUN-N-N…microwaved.


It’s been a while, but this is not my first clambake! Started cartooning these guys 29 years ago…


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Hello, 9-1-1, I’m #IslamoIgnorant, what should I do? @politicalislam @jihadwatch @pamelageller @acts17 ad infinitum


Take the CURE:

Political Islam or

Jihad Watch or

Pamela Geller or

Acts 17 or just google it!

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#WhitePower? LOL The #Oscar for best portrayal of #BlackPower goes to… #MilwaukeeUprising


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#IslamoIgnorance in the Internet-Age is no excuse. SEE @jihadwatch @politicalislam @pamelageller @acts17 ad infinitum


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