First #clambake? Don’t let anybody microwave YOUR lobster! Visit @getmainelobster for the #Truth

It all started innocently enough, with a request to my husband for a birthday-dinner lobster. It turned ugly when the fine lobster folks I’d asked an innocent question of discovered a lobster had been…dun, dun, DUN-N-N…microwaved.


It’s been a while, but this is not my first clambake! Started cartooning these guys 29 years ago…


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Hello, 9-1-1, I’m #IslamoIgnorant, what should I do? @politicalislam @jihadwatch @pamelageller @acts17 ad infinitum


Take the CURE:

Political Islam or

Jihad Watch or

Pamela Geller or

Acts 17 or just google it!

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#WhitePower? LOL The #Oscar for best portrayal of #BlackPower goes to… #MilwaukeeUprising


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#IslamoIgnorance in the Internet-Age is no excuse. SEE @jihadwatch @politicalislam @pamelageller @acts17 ad infinitum


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Congratulations to #Milwaukee’s “finest” destroyers


Remember this from “Elf?” Well, the black folks getting down & dirty & racist in Milwaukee deserve the same kind of congratulations.

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Great minds create alike (and promote #Liberty)! visit @OneFortyFourOne

My artisan shirt is back on Etsy


144:1’s patch:


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the #M4Carbine, the Musket of our Age.


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Personal firearms (a.k.a. #2A): It’s STILL not about “Duck Hunting”


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Free-speech is very messy #Dallas #1A

According to this article, Facebook is refusing to ban an image which clearly violates their own “standards,” because it advances one of their pet-narratives, presumably. I spent way too much time adjusting that image to see if they’d let me know their thoughts on this version of it:


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BLUE-FLU outbreak should hit #Dallas first

YouTube CustomThumbnail

I’m prepared; are you?

Hate (White) cops so-o-o much you wish they (the White ones) were all dead? I wish you could find out what it would be like…at least for a day or two. Besides, just how is it that every year MORE WHITES than Blacks are killed by cops-in-the-wrong, yet we manage to let The System do the judging, vs. executing (un-related) cops in the streets? Could it be one more part of White-Privilege, this whole, “Thinking Through Sh*t, Then Acting (or not)” vs the Black Way [“KneeJerk Breaking Sh*t/Stealing Sh*t/Killing Sh*t (and people)”]?

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