the #M4Carbine, the Musket of our Age.


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Personal firearms (a.k.a. #2A): It’s STILL not about “Duck Hunting”


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Free-speech is very messy #Dallas #1A

According to this article, Facebook is refusing to ban an image which clearly violates their own “standards,” because it advances one of their pet-narratives, presumably. I spent way too much time adjusting that image to see if they’d let me know their thoughts on this version of it:


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BLUE-FLU outbreak should hit #Dallas first

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I’m prepared; are you?

Hate (White) cops so-o-o much you wish they (the White ones) were all dead? I wish you could find out what it would be like…at least for a day or two. Besides, just how is it that every year MORE WHITES than Blacks are killed by cops-in-the-wrong, yet we manage to let The System do the judging, vs. executing (un-related) cops in the streets? Could it be one more part of White-Privilege, this whole, “Thinking Through Sh*t, Then Acting (or not)” vs the Black Way [“KneeJerk Breaking Sh*t/Stealing Sh*t/Killing Sh*t (and people)”]?

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This is what MINORITY-rule looks like. #Dallas

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So, just how did you figure, “The NRA = the ‘problem'”? With Common-Core(R) math?

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HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY…10 Gun-Lies, corrected (live-linked PDF)

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YouTube video HERE.

On June 23rd, 2016, UK’s Sky News featured a “discussion” of Gun-control-post-Orlando, with author Jeffrey Robinson and Canada’s Rebel Media contributor, Lauren Southern.

I call this “debunking” of Robinson a passionate defense and hope it won’t be taken as armchair quarterbacking Lauren Southern. Watching the man lie with impunity and bombast over her, I could fight the urge to respond no more than a shark could ignore chum in the water (especially when I noticed more than once online, this interview had been titled, “Lauren Southern Owns Jeffrey Robinson in gun control debate,” or “Destruction of a Gun-control advocate,” or similar). But what Lauren DID succeed in doing? Well, that went way beyond my very short-fused pay-grade! By virtue of her calm cool refusal to sling back mud even as her attacker pelted her, she revealed over and over, in living HD color, Robinson the “intellectual” as just one more angry, bug-eyed, virulent yet vacuous, and, what will prove in the end to be a magnificently impotent voice for Gun-Control.


Find the PDF of the video transcript & linked sources here: 10 Gun-Lies of Jeffrey Robinson: Corrected

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Stay safe out there

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Clearly it’s not about controlling guns, cuz all the King’s gun laws and all the King’s men NEVER stop the bad-guys in Chicago (or anywhere) from getting them to do their dirty work.

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The House of (glass) Cards

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A new video here.

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The vote heard ’round the world: #Brexit

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Nothing to see here…just another Lone-Wolf Terrorist(R)


Inspired by this news story.

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